The Logo Geek Podcast

Want to know what it takes to design logos? In this podcast Ian Paget finds out by interviewing successful graphic designers and entrepreneurs around the world so you can learn from their experiences. Topics include getting clients, how much to charge, coming up with ideas, choosing fonts, portfolio mistakes and so much more!

Episode 1.2: How to Get Logo Design Clients with David Airey

Have you got the skills to design logos, but now want to know how to get clients? In this episode Ian chats with David Airey, a brand identity designer and writer, and the man behind the popular book and blog ‘Logo Design Love’ to learn how he’s been able to attract clients. He also offers advice on improving your portfolio, and provides an excellent pricing model freelance designers.

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Episode 1.1: How to Charge More for Logo Design with Chris Do

Ever wondered how some designers are able to charge $500 and some others $10,000? What are they doing differently and how can you do the same? In this podcast we chat with Chris Do, founder and CEO of the award winning design consultancy Blind, and disruptive design education platform The Futur to answer that question…

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Pilot Episode: An introduction to the Logo Geek Podcast

If you want to learn how to become a successful logo designer this is the podcast for you. This short introduction runs through what you can expect from the podcast.