The Best Books for Logo Designers

When my passion for logo design began, so did my logo design book collection. I've purchased and read hundreds of logo design, branding, graphic design and business books over the years. So, if like me you're on a quest to learn and master your logo design skills, to help you on your journey I have listed and categorised the best books from my collection.

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Make a Living Designing Logos by Ian Paget

Make a Living Designing Logos

Ever dreamed of making a living from your logo design skills? Let me, Ian Paget, be your guide. I take a deep dive into how I transformed a hobby into a successful full time career. Through personal stories and tried-and-tested strategies, I lay out the path I took, so you can too.

Over 322 pages, I take you through everything, from the logo design process, to attracting clients and building a reputation. I’ve been as honest and transparent as I can, keeping no secrets - and wrote the book as though talking to a friend - as I genuinely want it to support your dreams and goals.

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Top 5 Must Have Books for Logo Designers

There's a lot of books listed here, so it can be hard to know which to purchase and read first, but if you was to only have 5 in your collection, personally based on the books I have read, these would be the first I would suggest to buy and read (or borrow from a friend or library). This should give you an all-round education on logo design, and provide you with a decent reference source as you progress in your career.

Logo Modernism Book

1. Logo Modernism

Within your collection you'll want to include at least one gallery reference book for inspiration.

There's a lot out there, but the one to rule them all is Logo Modernism, which will also likely be the biggest book you'll ever own... seriously it's HUGE. But it's crammed full of so much logo inspiration you'll never need to purchase another.

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Logo Design Love by David Airey

2. Logo Design Love

I suggest to have at least one book about logo design process, and whilst there's quite a few options out there, the one I would start with is Logo Design Love, by David Airey.

This book will help you to understand the role of a logo, learn practical design tips and best practices for working with clients.

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Type Matters by Jim Williams

3. Type Matters

Typography is a core element of logo design, but if you start editing, creating your own letters without an understanding, of type design, your work will look amateur, guaranteed.

For that reason, understanding the intricacies of type design is essential learning. I'll admit that this topic is a rabbit hole, but as a primer to the topic, I'd highly recommend Type Matters by Jim Williams. It's a beautifully designed book that will give you a solid foundation to typography design.

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Designing brand Identity by Alina Wheeler

4. Designing Brand Identity

In isolation a logo might look fairly simple. But to do the job well, you'll need to have a good understand of the brand it's representing. For that reason you need at least one book about branding.

There's a lot of books about branding and brand strategy, but if you was to have only one book on the topic I would suggest to start with Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler.

This is one of the first books I bought, and is still to this day a favourite that I frequently reference. It'll help you understand every aspect of branding process, with handy diagrams throughout.

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Burn Your Portfolio by Michael Janda

5. Burn Your Portfolio

To be a successful designer there's a lot of interpersonal and business skills you'll need to learn and develop. For that reason I suggest to have at least one business book in your collection.

I'd start with Burn Your Portfolio by Michael Janda, where he shares real-world practices, professional do's and don'ts and the unwritten rules of business that most designers learn only after years of experience.

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