• logos in space Logos in Space

    We are in a new space age. Entrepreneurs, government spinoffs, advocacy groups, scientists, engineers and companies are competing and collaborating with each other to get humans into space on a scale and for reasons vastly different from that of the 1960s, when America and Russia were pretty much the only players, each alternately one-upping each […]

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  • Creating Mood Boards with Pinterest Using Mood Boards when designing a logo

    Here today I don't use Mood Boards as part of my usual logo design process. I have however, seen other designers use them successfully, and it's made me curious... am I missing a trick? As always I like connecting with other designers who have been successful with different tools and approaches. This time, I reached [...] Continue Reading
  • Logo Design: How much should I charge? How much should I charge for a logo?

    Since putting more energy into my freelance logo design business by going freelance I’ve thought long and hard about making my business better; how can I be more productive, efficient and profitable. Part of this thinking has included reviewing my logo design prices… am I charging enough? Here today, I keep it simple for myself […]

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  • Photoshop Creative Branding Feature I’m in Photoshop Creative (Issue 144) Branding Feature!

    Some exciting news!! I've been featured in this months issue of Photoshop Creative (issue 144) in the advanced feature Branding in Photoshop, where they aim to uncover the secrets behind branding projects and the role Photoshop plays in the design industry. A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of the magazine editors to [...] Continue Reading
  • Optical corrections every logo designer should know Optical corrections every logo designer should know about

    I started my design career working in print design (brochures, leaflets etc), where I applied grid systems to my designs, and it made the work look super professional. When I started designing logos I applied similar rules to my work and found it brought the same level of uniformity I had hoped. But there was [...] Continue Reading
  • crowd sourced design Crowd-Sourced Logos are a Bad Idea: Here’s Why

    Everywhere you look these days, there’s some kind of competition being run that’s geared towards creatives. If it’s not a contest to score the music for a short film, then it’s a company looking for the perfect illustration for their new product. More often than not, the businesses putting on these contests and competitions are […]

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  • Freelance design journey begins. My journey into freelance life begins today

    I'm doing something big and scary... stepping into the unknown... I have no idea how this will go. From May 2016 onwards Logo Geek will no longer just be a side venture. On Thursdays and Fridays I will be working as a freelance graphic designer so I can focus on growing Logo Geek, and my [...] Continue Reading
  • Book of Ideas by Radim Malinic Being inspired by graphic designer Radim Malinic

    I recently got chatting to Radim Malinic, a fellow freelance graphic designer based in South West London who works under the name 'Brand Nu'. Radim is one of the most talented all round designers I know, so I was excited when he mentioned he’s been working on a book titled Book of ideas - a journal of creative [...] Continue Reading
  • Newsbeat Branding in Motion Motion in branding

    A few months back I got chatting to Andy Lawrence, a graphic designer based in London who specialises in branding (including branding with motion) and broadcast design. His motion skills together with his branding skills help to bring visual identities alive. He’s now taken the leap to full-time freelance, so able to offer his skills to companies and designers […]

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  • Social media icons on a smart phone How social media is transforming logo design

    Almost everyone has a smartphone, and almost all of us use Social Media. It’s transformed how we communicate and consume content on a daily basis. This change is having a direct impact on how designers are approaching logo design, and in this blog, I want to talk through a few of the developments I’ve noticed. [...] Continue Reading
  • Portland literature design by James Burton Interview with James Burton: Winner of the Visual Identity of the Year!

    Around this time last year I received an email that announced that I had won a gold award in the International Visual Identity Awards for my logo design work for Bathily. Thanks to that I was kindly invited to be on the jury for the 2015/16 awards. The Q2 2016 awards are now open for […]

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  • Logos designed by women Logos designed by women

    I was recently contacted by Miho Aishima, a very talented graphic designer who specialises in brand identity design, to join her to celebrate the work of women graphic designers to help promote the launch of the exhibition; A+: 100 years of graphic communication by women' at Central Saint Martins in London. In the UK women outnumber [...] Continue Reading