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Join 10,000 logo designers in The Logo Geek Community, a free Facebook Group where graphic designers from around the world can ‘geek out’ about logos, get feedback, learn, improve, and most importantly… meet other likeminded designers who will become friends and mentors.

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The Logo Geek Community

It’s never been a better time to be a creative. With the world wide web at our fingertips and handheld design-friendly technology improving all the time, it’s easier than ever to learn new skills, secure career opportunities, and put our creations out into the world. But, as any designer will tell you, it can be lonely work. That’s where the Logo Geek Community comes in.

Ian Paget, the founder of Logo Geek, is passionate about building a network of logo enthusiasts, and establishing a welcoming community where designers of all experience levels can come together to share, learn and create. If that sounds like your thing, read on.

So what is the Logo Geek Community?

The Logo Geek Community is a closed Facebook group that is entirely free to join. Once you become a member you’ll be able to connect with other likeminded designers from around the world. Share ideas, learn the latest design tips, and get advice and feedback on your work from a community of passionate creators. If you’re a more experienced designer, you’ll be able to take on a mentoring role, lending your expertise to younger members just entering the industry.

The Logo Geek Community is also the place to be for the latest logo design news stories and resources, meaning you can stay up to date on cutting edge tech and software, and the most interesting new logos. The group also goes hand in hand with the Logo Geek Podcast.

Why should I become a member?

Because finding a space where you can talk freely with other logo designers can be tricky! What’s more, the group is completely free to join, which means you can leave at any time if you don’t feel you’re getting anything out of it.

Our community is also strictly designer-only. Clients aren’t allowed access to the community, which means the occasional bit of venting about a frustrating brief is A-OK. Because the group is closed, only accepted members will be able to view and interact with posts. Everything that appears on the page is carefully moderated to ensure all posts stay appropriate, relevant and respectful.

And if that’s not enough to draw you in, the Logo Geek Community also hosts events. In the past we’ve arranged meet-ups at design events where members got a chance to meet in real life, and we’ve also had well known designers do live Q&A and tour of their studio too.

How do I join the group?

It’s simple. Visit the Logo Geek Community Facebook page, then click the ‘join group’ button.  You’ll then need to answer three simple questions to ensure you’re requesting membership for the right reasons (bear in mind that if you don’t answer, it’s unlikely you’ll be accepted).

Once your membership is confirmed, you’ll be able to introduce yourself, and starting posting and interacting. But before you get started, take a moment to read the rules – falling foul of these could result in deleted posts and (worst case scenario) being removed from the group.

Join us at the Logo Geek Community today, and start sharing your story!