Community Rules

The Logo Geek Community is the place for designers to ‘geek out’ about logos, get feedback, learn, improve and meet other logo designers. To keep this community enjoyable for everyone there are a few common sense rules, and posts will be monitored.

The below is a short guide on how to use the community.



Introduce yourself

When new to the community, introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, where you’re from and what you do. This is also your opportunity to share a link to your portfolio or website.


Ask for Feedback on your design work

Upload images of your designs directly to the group with a short description. A link to your portfolio can be included, however a link alone with no images added directly to Facebook will be deleted.

Include context. That way the community can give constructive feedback that will help you to improve your design. Even if it’s just a fun fictional project, help us understand what your goals are. For example: who is the business? what do they offer? Who are their target audience? etc.

Any work posted for feedback without any description will be deleted. Posts that include a description without context will be asked to update the post by admin. If they are not updated, they may be removed.


Ask questions & provide support

Ask specific questions for help & advice. Try to give as much information as you can so help can be given. Avoid complaining about a client/situation unless you are seeking solutions or advice to help you improve.

Help others learn & improve by providing mentorship to whose who need the help.


Share interesting news or resources

The community is a fantastic place to share and discuss any logo design news or resources.


Build your network & make friends!

The Logo Geek Community is one of the best places to meet other likeminded logo designers. Connect with and get to know them to build your network.


What posts are not allowed?*

The following posts will be removed from the group:

  • Posts that are totally unrelated to logo design, branding, graphic design or business/freelance life.
  • Sales and affiliate links.
  • Feedback on designs where you are acting as the client (This is a designer only environment – acting as a client will result in immediate removal from the group).
  • Designs that are deliberate plagiarism.
  • Posts to links/content/pages that are deliberate self promotion.
  • Sharing of links to Facebook pages or similar groups.
  • Posts that promote external group chats.
  • Rude or disrespectful comments to other members of the community.
  • Poor quality posts, or repeated discussion topics may be removed at the discretion of admin.

*Ignoring these may results in you being removed from the group.