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  • How to Prepare a Perfect Production-Ready Logo File How to Prepare a Perfect Production-Ready Logo File

    The following is a guest post from Michael at Logo Package Express. Your new logo is going to be the face of your client’s organisation. It needs to be easy, breezy, beautiful. What can you do to make sure that your logo file is immaculate and immune to inconsistent appearances across the web and print? […]

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  • Creating Mood Boards with Pinterest Using Mood Boards when designing a brand identity

    Here today I don't use Mood Boards as part of my usual logo design process. I have however, seen other designers use them successfully, and it's made me curious... am I missing a trick? As always I like connecting with other designers who have been successful with different tools and approaches. This time, I reached [...] Continue Reading
  • Logo Design: How much should I charge? How much should I charge for a logo?

    Since putting more energy into my freelance logo design business by going freelance I’ve thought long and hard about making my business better; how can I be more productive, efficient and profitable. Part of this thinking has included reviewing my logo design prices… am I charging enough? Here today, I keep it simple for myself […]

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  • 50 expert logo design tips eBook 50 logo design tips from the professionals

    I’m always on the look out for ways I can improve my logo design skills. As every designer works differently, I’ve found it really valuable to speak to and learn from other logo designers, to understand their approach/process, to find out what works for them, and what doesn’t. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak to […]

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  • Presenting a logo design to clients How to present logo design

    I recently carried out a survey for the Logo Geek twitter community so I could find out what designers biggest struggles are. I discovered from this research that presenting logo designs was the most popular topic that people want to know more about. Because of that I've put this blog post together to explain how I present [...] Continue Reading
  • Refining, perfecting and finessing a logo design 5 tips for refining, perfecting & finessing a logo

    Over the past week, I have been rating logos for Logo Lounge Book 9 (Almost 5000 of them in total). I still have just over 1000 left to rate but decided to have a short break to write a blog. There’re so many excellent logos, but occasionally there’s a design that’s almost perfect, with a […]

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  • Black & White Logo Designs Does a logo need to work in black and white?

    Question: Does a logo design need to work in black and white to be successful? Answer: No, but it depends on the needs of the business.   Not so long ago colour was a premium to reproduce, so it was standard practice for a business to have a black and white version of its logo […]

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