• Characteristics of a Successful Logo 8 Traits of Successful Logos

    When designing a logo, how can you be sure that the identity that you’re working on will be a success in the real world? To give you the best opportunity to succeed, in this weeks blog and supporting podcast, Ian Paget breaks down the 8 characteristics of a successful logo. The Logo Geek Podcast is […]

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  • How to ask for logo design feedback How to ask for logo design feedback

    As a designer, at some point you’ll need to ask for feedback on your logo designs. As a client you might also want to collect feedback on designs that have been created for you in order to make the best decision. Designers will be presenting work to clients, or sharing ideas with fellow designers individually, […]

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  • Generating Logo Design Ideas A Guide to Generating Logo Design Ideas

    The below article has been taken from the Logo Designers Boxset, which is totally free to download here. Coming up with the perfect logo design idea can be a challenging process. Whilst there’s no set in stone formula, to help you with idea generation I have put together a few thoughts and approaches that work […]

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  • How to Work Better: Efficiency Tools Every Logo Designer Needs How to Work Better: Efficiency Tools Every Logo Designer Needs

    A well-crafted logo design is vital for every successful business as it’s often the first thing audiences see when they come across the company for the first time. This means that as an in-demand logo designer you’ll be busy on multiple projects, each with competing demands and fast-approaching deadlines. To help you speed up your […]

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  • Graphic designer preparing logo files A Designers Guide to Creating Logo Files

    You’ve designed a logo and your clients agreed to the design. Excellent! Now we save and send the vector logo file and we’re done? Not quite… If you want to do a professional job, there’s a little more work you need to do…     The logo design will be used in different situations. Be […]

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  • 10 Upsells Logo Designers Should Offer for a Quick Revenue Boost 10 Upsells Logo Designers Should Offer for a Quick Revenue Boost

    The following is a guest blog post contributed by Preston Lee from Millo. — Being a logo designer is incredibly fulfilling. But it’s also intensely demanding. Every month, you’ve got to secure new projects, work on those projects, deliver final work to the client, maybe even deal with revisions or criticism. And almost nothing feels […]

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  • How to learn logo design for free

    If you want to learn logo design there are heaps of premium books and training resources out there that you can invest in, but if you want to learn on a budget thankfully there’s plenty of free resources out there too, but it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start and what to […]

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  • Where to Find High Quality Logo Design Clients

    Are you a talented logo designer who’s confident about what you create, but you’re failing to attract new clients? Do you ever start to doubt your skills and wonder “maybe I’m just not good enough”?… Chances are, you don’t lack the talent or skills, but that your work is simply not being found by your […]

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  • How Neuro Design Can Enhance Logo Design How Neuro Design Can Make You a Better Logo Designer

    This is a guest blog from Del Mauricio, a multi-media designer and founder of Aesthetic Philosophies – a graphic design consultancy and blog.   For decades, logo designers have relied on a set of design principles and intuition to create successful logos. Most designers through years of experience and practice know what works. Yet, they may […]

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  • The 6 Biggest Mistakes Logo Designers Make The 6 biggest mistakes logo designers make

    The following is a guest blog post by Alice Jackson from Designhill. The importance of a logo cannot be understated. It is the graphical representation of a company’s identity and this small symbol is so powerful that it can make or mar your company’s reputation. No matter how amazing your services are, how unique your products […]

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  • Purpose of logo design What’s the purpose of logos and why do they matter?

    Logo designs are everywhere. I look around me now, and I can easily count up at least 10 different logos without much effort… they are scattered around us everywhere we go, are embedded in our culture and way of life. They influence our decisions, communicate and represent a company’s values, and are often full of […]

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  • Gestalt Theory in Logo Design Gestalt Theory in Logo Design

    As part of my plan for 2017 to roll out more frequent content, I’m also pulling in guest posts from the Logo Geek community to share graphic design insights and wisdom that I can learn from too. This is a superb guest blog post from Evan Brown, who is a Marketing Manager and Blogger over […]

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  • Logo design tools The tools needed to be a logo designer

    Want to design logos? If so, there’s a number of tools you’ll need before you can get started. Thankfully, almost every home has the tools already available, meaning you’ll be able to start designing logos right away without needing to spend a penny. Here’s a run down of the tools I use as a logo designer: Pencils & Paper […]

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  • logos in space Logos in Space

    We are in a new space age. Entrepreneurs, government spinoffs, advocacy groups, scientists, engineers and companies are competing and collaborating with each other to get humans into space on a scale and for reasons vastly different from that of the 1960s, when America and Russia were pretty much the only players, each alternately one-upping each […]

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  • Optical corrections every logo designer should know Optical corrections every logo designer should know about

    I started my design career working in print design (brochures, leaflets etc), where I applied grid systems to my designs, and it made the work look super professional. When I started designing logos I applied similar rules to my work and found it brought the same level of uniformity I had hoped. But there was [...] Continue Reading
  • crowd sourced design Crowd-Sourced Logos are a Bad Idea: Here’s Why

    Everywhere you look these days, there’s some kind of competition being run that’s geared towards creatives. If it’s not a contest to score the music for a short film, then it’s a company looking for the perfect illustration for their new product. More often than not, the businesses putting on these contests and competitions are […]

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  • Newsbeat Branding in Motion Motion in branding

    A few months back I got chatting to Andy Lawrence, a graphic designer based in London who specialises in branding (including branding with motion) and broadcast design. His motion skills together with his branding skills help to bring visual identities alive. He’s now taken the leap to full-time freelance, so able to offer his skills to companies and designers […]

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  • Social media icons on a smart phone How social media is transforming logo design

    Almost everyone has a smartphone, and almost all of us use Social Media. It’s transformed how we communicate and consume content on a daily basis. This change is having a direct impact on how designers are approaching logo design, and in this blog, I want to talk through a few of the developments I’ve noticed. [...] Continue Reading
  • Logos designed by women Logos designed by women

    I was recently contacted by Miho Aishima, a very talented graphic designer who specialises in brand identity design, to join her to celebrate the work of women graphic designers to help promote the launch of the exhibition; A+: 100 years of graphic communication by women' at Central Saint Martins in London. In the UK women outnumber [...] Continue Reading
  • Best Brand Awards Logo The Best Brand Awards

    If you’re a designer, you probably want to win awards for your efforts. Earlier this year I won gold in the International Visual Identity awards for my logo design work for Bathily. This is something I’m proud of, yet it has added benefits; it allows my logo design service to look much more credible and […]

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