• crowd sourced design Crowd-Sourced Logos are a Bad Idea: Here’s Why

    Everywhere you look these days, there’s some kind of competition being run that’s geared towards creatives. If it’s not a contest to score the music for a short film, then it’s a company looking for the perfect illustration for their new product. More often than not, the businesses putting on these contests and competitions are […]

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  • Newsbeat Branding in Motion Motion in branding

    A few months back I got chatting to Andy Lawrence, a graphic designer based in London who specialises in branding (including branding with motion) and broadcast design. His motion skills together with his branding skills help to bring visual identities alive. He’s now taken the leap to full-time freelance, so able to offer his skills to companies and designers […]

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  • Social media icons on a smart phone How social media is transforming logo design

    Almost everyone has a smartphone, and almost all of us use Social Media. It’s transformed how we communicate and consume content on a daily basis. This change is having a direct impact on how designers are approaching logo design, and in this blog, I want to talk through a few of the developments I’ve noticed. [...] Continue Reading
  • Logos designed by women Logos designed by women

    I was recently contacted by Miho Aishima, a very talented graphic designer who specialises in brand identity design, to join her to celebrate the work of women graphic designers to help promote the launch of the exhibition; A+: 100 years of graphic communication by women' at Central Saint Martins in London. In the UK women outnumber [...] Continue Reading
  • Best Brand Awards Logo The Best Brand Awards

    If you’re a designer, you probably want to win awards for your efforts. Earlier this year I won gold in the International Visual Identity awards for my logo design work for Bathily. This is something I’m proud of, yet it has added benefits; it allows my logo design service to look much more credible and […]

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  • Logo Treasure Hunt The discoveries from a logo treasure hunt

    Graphic design is a real passion for me, so every time I see some unique packaging or a well-designed logo I’m in awe. This is, even more, the case when it comes to vintage designs which have a sense of quality to them that modern day designs lack, which I personally find very inspiring. After […]

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  • Logo Design Treasure Hunt A logo treasure hunt: Who wants to join me?

    I want to invite all my designer friends to join me on a treasure hunt to find vintage logo designs that have been long forgotten…   A love of vintage identity design I’ve been a fan of work from graphic design greats such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass for quite some time. Their work […]

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  • Logo design team working on a design brief A designers guide to creating a logo design brief

    Unless you plan to create your own projects and work for yourself, in almost all cases when designing a logo you will need to work with other people. This includes people who are just starting a business, to those who have run businesses for years. Some of these people may have worked with designers before [...] Continue Reading
  • People Code Logo Design on Billboard Developing an Identity for People Code

    I have recently completed a new logo design for German recruitment agency, People Code, who target technology professionals seeking careers at the hottest international tech firms. You can read more about the logo design for People Code by clicking here, but in this blog I want to show off some of the behind the scenes […]

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  • Smart Logo Design Principles ‘SMART’ logo design principles

    When it comes to logo design, personally I don’t believe there are any rules. In the words of Paul Rand: A logos primary goal is to identify… to say who the company is, and that’s its only function. Although rules don’t exist as such, there are proven guidelines that can be learned from the great […]

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  • Transform Awards 2015 Partner 2015 Transform Awards Europe

    It has been an exciting few months for me. Last month I was invited to join the jury for Logo Lounge book 9, and now I have been confirmed as a media partner, and judge for the 2015 Transform Awards Europe. This is the second time I’ve been involved with the awards, and I’m still […]

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  • The Designers Goal The designers goal: To elevate what we see

    I recently attended a talk at the London Design Festival with Paula Scher of Pentagram, a partner in the New York office. Being at the forefront of graphic design for four decades, I knew I could learn something from this discussion with the legendary designer, and I certainly did. During the hour-long interview there was […]

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  • Kerning is king Kerning typography when designing a logo

    When working with typography, kerning is the term used to describe the space between two individual characters within a font. In logo design getting the kerning right is paramount as it makes the difference between looking professional, and having a logo that’s ‘not quite right’. The kerning applied automatically by a design program is typically […]

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  • I don’t like that logo redesign

    Whenever a company redesigns its logo it causes social media and design sites to go mad. Sometimes the redesign is loved, but more often than not the designs are quickly torn to pieces, sometimes quite brutally. Disappointingly a lot of this comes from the design community. Take for example the PayPal redesign back in April. […]

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  • Comic Sans for Cancer: My Entry

    2014 celebrates the 20th anniversary of one of the most hated fonts ‘Comic Sans’. To celebrate the occasion an exhibition has been set up to support Cancer Research UK called Comic Sans for Cancer. Graphic designers have been invited to submit a poster inspired by the font. Personally, I don’t like Comic Sans… Not because […]

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  • Black & White Logo Designs Does a logo need to work in black and white?

    Question: Does a logo design need to work in black and white to be successful? Answer: No, but it depends on the needs of the business.   Not so long ago colour was a premium to reproduce, so it was standard practice for a business to have a black and white version of its logo […]

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  • Google logo on doors Why did Google tweak its logo design?

    Last week Google made a tiny tweak to its logo design, repositioning the lowercase L and G. Although a minor change this did cause a lot of online discussions, with mocking from the non-design community such as: “Can You Spot Google’s Hilariously Imperceptible Logo Redesign?” Here’s a before and after comparison, so you can see […]

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  • Transform Award Judging Transform Awards 2013

    At the end of last year, I received an email from Communicate Magazine inviting me to join the judging panel for this year’s Transform Awards. At first, I thought the email was junk so I disregarded it. I honestly thought they were asking for money to be part of the event… It wasn’t until filtering […]

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  • Nike Store Logo Maximum message using the minimum of means

    I’m always on the lookout for really great design resources, news and information so I can continue to learn and improve as a designer, and share with the community. I stumbled upon a blog from the team over at thoughtful regarding its logo design for Egg-n-Spoon (sadly the blog post is no longer online), which had […]

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  • Grumpy Cat I had a ‘bad’ client… but what did I learn from it?

    I want to write my experiences from a recent logo design project I took on, which unfortunately did not go as well as I would have hoped. I still have a good relationship with this client, and although a final design was selected and full payment was made, I am aware that unfortunately, they will […]

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