The discoveries from a logo treasure hunt

Graphic design is a real passion for me, so every time I see some unique packaging or a well-designed logo I’m in awe. This is, even more, the case when it comes to vintage designs which have a sense of quality to them that modern day designs lack, which I personally find very inspiring.

After watching a video online by designer Aaron Draplin I was keen to start ‘junking’ and collecting old packaging and logos as a source of inspiration, rather than relying on online galleries which are full of mediocre design work.

As a starting point, I bought myself a copy of World of Logotypes (below), which showcase logo designs from the 70’s. The book turned up yesterday and I have fondly been flicking through admiring the logo designs, astonished that they were all created in a world before designers used computers as we take for granted today.


Book: World of Logotypes


To take things one step further, a few weeks back I proposed the idea of arranging a global vintage logo treasure hunt. Thankfully lots of twitter friends loved the idea as much as I did, and joined in.


Collated Logo Design Treasures!

Below are the collected logo treasures. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to search, photo and send these great images!! I’m sadly not able to validate the age of the logo designs presented here, however, they have been inspiring to me, and I hope to others too.


Thank you to Kirby of Kirby Mack Designs for the below from his packaging collection.

Vintage Logo

Vintage Logo

Vintage Logo


A big thank you to Sarah Cowen of Lettica for contributing the below packaging, which she discovered at her grandparent’s house.

Vintage Logo: Meggezones

Vintage Logo: Three Torches


Thank you to Saeng Touttavong for contributing the below Halls logo/packaging, which was discovered in his local noodle shop only 2 years ago.

Halls Vintage Logo


A huge thank you to Rebecca of Post and Paper who really enjoyed the search, contributing a nice little collection!

Vintage Reprise Logo

Vintage SelRight Logo

Vintage Royal Logo

Vintage Virgin Vinyl Logo

Vintage Apple Logo


Thank you to Stanislav Sysoev for his discovery of the below logo design.

Radiotehnika vintage logo design


Thank you to Thomas Fuller for discovering the below logo treasures.

Vintage logo design

Pickwick logo


Thank you to Alistair of for discovering this Singer logo (my mum has one of these too).

Singer Vintage Logo


John Robinson kindly contributed these beautiful logos from his record collection, both from the early sixties.

Verve Record Logo

Music for Pleasure logo


Thank you to Bobb Dueck of Posh Pixel Media for contributing this retro Orange Crush logo.

Retro Orange Crush Logo


A big thank you to Gary Fish for his great Yankee logo find.

Retro Yankee Logo


Thank you to Erica Mincey for contributing this beauty of a logo below.

Killinger Hi-Jacs Logo


I really love this vintage cigarette packaging from the 1920-1930s contributed by Geoffrey Taylor, who found this and a few others in a junk shop.

Players Navy Cut Vintage Packaging


A twitter follower kindly contributed this amazing Asprin packaging.


Thank you to Bobb of Posh Pixel Media for sharing the below image.

Allens Asprin Vintage Logo Design

Vintage packaging collection


All these logo designs are beautiful, and it’s hard to believe they were (most likely) designed by hand before Adobe Illustrator existed. Thank you again to everyone who joined in!

Let’s continue to search the world and discover forgotten graphic design treasures like these.

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