A Gold Award in the International Visual Identity Awards

I’m really proud to have won my very first award for my logo design work… a gold award in the International Visual Identity Awards for the logo design created for wholesaler and Supply Chain, Bathily.


About the logo design that won the award

Bathily is a family run wholesaler and supply chain based in West Africa. One of the primary goals for the family run business was to provide a cost effective service with the convenience of both day and night delivery. It was this that I wanted to incorporate into the brand identity for the young business.

I explored a number of directions during the design phase, however with the final identity I created an icon design which represented the tail of a speeding arrow, which also became a monogram of the letter B. The design was split into 2 to use a colour pallet which represented day (orange) and night (dark blue), reflecting the convenient delivery times.

Bathily Logo Design on Posters

Bathily Logo on T-shirt

Bathily Logo Design on Vehicle


I’m really proud of the final results. The client was extremely happy with the design, and I’m so honoured to have also won my first award for the work too.


Other design related achievements this month

The first quarter of the year has been an exciting one for me. Along with the award, I’m also proud to have 2 of my logo designs included in Logo Lounge book 9, which will be published early 2016. Along with this I was also on the jury, which is a life achievement in my eyes (you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t have the opportunity to judge my own work, so no cheating!)

This includes the logo design created for a personal trainer, Michaela Fitness, and an early concept design for erotic book company Curious Alice in Wonderland, which sadly was never selected by the client (you can check out the final logo design here). Check out the designs below.


Icon designs to be featured in Logo Lounge book 9


I will aim to continue to design identities of this calibre and better, so hope this award and book contributions is the start of things to come!

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