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How To Get Logo Design Clients

An interview with
David Airey


Are you looking to attract logo design clients? In this episode Ian Paget of Logo Geek chats with David Airey, a brand identity designer and writer, and the man behind the popular book and blog Logo Design Love to learn how he’s been able to attract clients.

David Airey Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: How do you go about getting logo design clients?

David Airey: Before anything else. You've got to be good at what you do, and you've got to have confidence that you're good because no one wants to buy a bad design. So if you think you need to get better before you can lead a client through a project, then you need to train yourself.

Whether that's in design and in the quality of what you create. Or maybe it's in your sales skills and knowing how to turn a prospect into someone who hires you. Clients, they hire me either through word of my life, through maybe picking up my book or through finding my website. Everyone, when they start out in design, there's no word of mouth at all because you've got nothing behind you to draw upon.

So I'm not going into that at all, but much more realistic is to have people find you through a side project. Something that shows your interest in design and that design for you is more than just a way to make ends meet.