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Create Opportunity Building Friendships

An interview with
Dave Clayton


If you want to design logos for a living, building relationships is essential. Not only for finding clients, but also to discover opportunities that will grow your business and open doors.

Not everyone has a natural talent for networking, otherwise known as relationship building, so to help with this skill Ian interviews Dave Clayton, an individual that's well connected in the design industry, and someone who Ian feels has a natural talent for making friends, and building true, meaningful relationships.

Dave Clayton is the author of the book How Do I Do That in Indesign?, and co-host of the design podcast He Shoots, He Draws Podcast.

Dave Clayton Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Dave, as we just said, it feels like we've known each other for ages and, from my point of view, there's so many questions that I want to ask. But I think something that really has come across with you from the outset is that you are one of those people in the graphic design industry that seems very likeable. Everybody seems to know you and I find that amazing. I hope that people listening to this who aren't familiar with you go and find out more about you go and say hi, and just just get to know you because I think that you're someone in the industry that's worth getting to know.

Dave Clayton: Oh, thank you.

Ian Paget: So I think as I think as an opening question, and I got so many different questions so it was a really hard interview to structure. But I think we should start with this because I think your superpower is networking and friendships, building relationships. I think for graphic designers who are building their own business or looking for work or anything like this networking is so important. So I'd love to start there. What are your general thoughts, or what is your approach or mindset for networking?