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Room for Humour: Making the Most of Multiple Logo Options

An interview with
Rick Byrne


How many logos should you present when working with clients? Some designers present just one logo, backing their choice with strong arguments, while many others offer multiple logo options. Rick Byrne is among those who provide several choices, using a well-thought-out process to maximise this approach.

In this interview, we delve into how Rick first ventured into design, his growing passion for logo design, and his remarkable experience of crafting 18 logos for Google teams and offsites while juggling a full-time design position. Furthermore, we'll explore his unique process for logo design and how he injects humour into his work by presenting a variety of options.

Rick Byrne Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Okay, so I think we need to start at the beginning Rick, and think we should go right back to when you first got into design and why graphic design was a passion for you. So to start this off, as a question, how did you first get into graphic design?

Rick Byrne: So in my final year of high school the kind of sixth form type equivalent in Ireland, because I'm originally from Ireland, now living in San Francisco. I had to take up one extra subject, and I had quite a funny teacher, Mr. John Kersey. I still remember his name all these years later.