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YouTube, Lettering & Logos with Will Paterson

An interview with
Will Paterson


Can sharing tips and tutorials on YouTube attract logo design clients? Yes. In this weeks podcast we chat with Will Paterson who has been able to just that.

We learn how Will started his YouTube channel, the tools and software used, and how he’s able to manage his time to create consistent content, whilst also taking on client design projects too. We also deep dive into his logo design and hand lettering process.

Will Paterson is a well-known logo designer and hand lettering artist specialising in logotype design. He’s best know for his YouTube channel, where he shares weekly tips and advice for designers, which has grown to a following of over 234,000 subscribers.

Will Paterson Interview Transcription

Will Patterson: When I was in school, I had a friend called Jay who had a YouTube channel and he basically did like GFX, so like proper gamer stuff and he sort of inspired my passion into creativity because we enjoyed the same things. We failed school together as well. Yeah, he did Photoshop stop, and he was designing syndicates backgrounds and syndicates thumbnails and loads of proper gamer YouTubers at the time. I just thought it was really cool. The way that I started my YouTube channel wasn't based around that, but it was based on the knowledge that anyone can grow a YouTube channel. You don't have to be cool at school or the bees knees to actually get people to follow you.

I just, from college, when I quit college, basically learning how to become a secretary, I decided that when I was going to learn design by myself, it I couldn't find a tutorial online of something that I wanted to learn, I would teach it myself by just playing around with the software or teach myself a principle and then post it on YouTube and hope people would watch it, and it sort of snowballed from there.

Ian Paget: Have you found that by doing YouTube videos continuously as you are, that you're attracting clients? Because I notice that almost all of your content is targeted specifically at designers and not clients. Do you get many inquiries as a result of doing your YouTube videos?

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