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A LinkedIn Masterclass for Logo Designers

An interview with
Sam Rathling


If you’re wanting to make a living as a logo designer you need to have a consistent stream of clients. One approach for attracting clients is to use social platforms such as LinkedIn.

To help to make the most of the features available on LinkedIn, and to build a sustainable sales pipeline through the platform, Ian interviews Sam Rathling, a Social Selling Strategist & LinkedIn Expert and Co-Founder and CVO of the Pipeline 44 Group. This is a real masterclass in LinkedIn marketing for logo designers!

Sam Rathling Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Sam, so with the Logo Geek Podcast, it's primarily focused on logo design, but something that I'm really keen to do with the show is provide help and support for people that want to make a living design in logos. And I'm aware that you are an expert on social selling.

So I read on your I think it was on your LinkedIn profile. You describe yourself as a social selling strategist. So I think as you are not a designer, a lot of the audience probably won't be familiar with you. So could you do a little bit of an intro for us, let us know who you are and what you do basically.

Sam Rathling: Sure, absolutely. Well, firstly, thanks for the invitation to be here. My name's Sam Rathling. I'm a LinkedIn expert and social selling strategist. So what that really means is I help people to build their brand and get more customers from platforms like LinkedIn. So social selling can be applied outside of the LinkedIn environment, I just happen at the moment to focus on that because it's the best place for people selling business to business, to build their brand, get new clients and really build their visibility and credibility.