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Build a Content Marketing Fortress

An interview with
Martin Huntbach


Martin Huntbach is the co-founder Jammy Digital, a content writing agency in the UK. Martin also co-authored the best-selling book, Content Fortress and has spoken about content marketing on stages across the country. After winning the Best Business Blog Award in 2018, he’s made it his mission to help as many businesses as possible to attract their ideal clients using content.

Martin Huntbach Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Martin, you got in touch with me a few days back. I know we've known each other for a while and I was really excited to hear that you've released a new book called Content Fortress, which is exciting. This is about content marketing. And I know that some people in the audience might not know what this is, but I can guarantee that they will be interested in this and will want to know more. So I think as an opening question to this conversation, can you talk through what content marketing is?

Martin Huntbach: Yeah, I mean, it's such an overused term I find. And often when there's a buzzword out there, I know I did when I first heard it, I kind of just blanked it out really. It was only from reading books myself that I really started to understand how businesses were using content marketing to improve their businesses. So the way I like to see it is how can you provide as much value as possible before someone becomes a customer? So that might be different for all businesses. It might be I decided to use a YouTube channel. That's my content avenue or for you, it might be the podcast. For me it was blog articles.

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