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Using the One Logo Concept Approach

An interview with
Melissa Yeager


How many logos should you present to clients? Back in 2013 Sean McCabe created a viral piece of content called ‘the one logo concept that sparked controversy, suggesting that professional designers should present only one logo, and if a designer cannot determine what the most effective solution is… they should not be taking on clients.

Despite this, many well established designers don’t agree, and still present options. However, after hearing of the approach Melissa Yeager took the advice on board, created her own version of the process, and now presents only the one logo to clients with great success. In this podcast we learn how she’s been able to do this, taking a deep dive into her process to discover how its worked for her.

Melissa is a brand strategist and holistic identity designer for creative small businesses, based in Pennsylvania.

Melissa Yeager Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Can you briefly give us an overview of what the one logo concept approach is?

Melissa Yeager: Sure. So, the name is a little bit self explanatory. In the design industry it’s common practice for designers to present their clients with more than one option when they’re doing branding work. So usually it’s two to three, sometimes up to five depending on the experience level it can be several logo options that the client can then choose from moving forward throughout the branding process.

How the one concept or the one logo approach works is that instead of presenting multiple options for the client, you’re presenting one solution. So based on everything that you’ve learned about the client and all the strategy that you’ve done up front, you are presenting one single logo.