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What It Takes To Work For A Design Agency

An interview with
Simon Manchipp


Do you want to work for a top brand design agency but not sure what it takes? In this episode Ian chats with Simon Manchipp, one of the founders of the hugely successful branding design agency ‘Someone’ to find out. We discuss the best design portfolios, common CV mistakes and more.

Simon Manchipp Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I'd like to start this discussion by asking you to describe the best portfolio you've seen, and what was it that made it so special?

Simon Manchip: Sure, so I think they... It reminds me of a story that John Hegarty from BBH, who founded BBH, tells about how when they were starting an agency in New York they were going around and they were doing their pitches. And basically started the pitch with a really smart strategist, might have been the camp director, but someone very slick who was very good at the sale. And they started telling the story about BBH and telling the strategy behind it and all the thinking and loads and loads of clever things. And they couldn't kind of understand why they weren't winning the pitches and what they started to think, well, John started to think, was maybe we should start with the work.

And so we flipped it and instead of running out of time at the end of the meeting showing a quick showreel, they just sat down silently and just showed the showreel and started winning pitches immediately and cutting out the fluff and the sell if you like. Was obviously a really smart move for them then. And I think it's a smart move now.