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Getting Your Dream Design Job

An interview with
Charli Prangley


If you’re looking for a design job it can often be hard to find an opportunity, even if you’re the most talented designer. But if you get your CV and portfolio right, and put yourself out there too you’re more likely to get the job you’ve always wanted.

To help you with this, on this weeks podcast Ian speaks with Charli Prangley to discuss job application tips, portfolio, CV and job interview advice, and also how she found her dream job through networking, public speaking, YouTube videos, Podcasts and a number of side projects too.

Charli Prangley is a remote designer and developer at Convert Kit, and is also a co-host on the Design Life Podcast.

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Charli Prangley Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I’m aware that you work as a full-time remote designer/developer for ConvertKit. I wanted to ask you, how were you able to get a full-time position that you can do from home?

Charli Prangley: Well, the story of me getting a job at ConvertKit is actually an interesting one and I’m afraid not incredibly repeatable. But, yeah there are a few lessons in here. So, let me just tell the story.

So I spoke at a conference back in, I think it was 2016? Yeah I’m pretty sure it was 2016. It was the SeanWes Conference, it was a conference about online business, creativity, that sort of thing. I was speaking about YouTube and going all in on a niche, which in my case was design, and also speaking at that conference was Nathan Barry, who is the CEO of ConvertKit. He invited myself and Femke, my podcast cohost, for lunch after the conference. And yeah we were sitting in this little pizza joint talking for hours and I can’t even remember what specifically we were talking about, but it must have been design.