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Interview with Branding Guru David Brier

An interview with
David Brier


What is branding and why does it matter? What steps do you need to take to build a brand identity? What makes a great logo? and how can you use social proof to attract clients? We answer these questions and more in this interview with branding guru David Brier.

David is an award-winning veteran in branding, rebrands, design and brand strategy, having received over 330 international industry recognitions for his work. He’s also the author of a newly released book, Brand Intervention.

David Brier Interview Transcription

David Brier: We're all consumers of one thing or another, meaning that, whether we're shopping for something for our business or shopping something for personal usage or whatever, we have lots and lots and lots of choices. Branding is the tool. It is the thing that helps you and I differentiate and distinguish one product from another. That's the importance of branding.

If there was no branding, basically everything would be like, "Okay, here's 75 brands of water. Pick the one you want." And then I, as the consumer, now have to spend the time looking and researching and doing all that kind of stuff. That's the job of branding, is to make it easy for me to establish what is the right car for me, the right water for me, the right running sneakers, the right computer, the right smart phone, etc.

Ian Paget: Okay, so when a client comes to you, could you talk through the steps that you take to actually create or transform a brand identity for them?