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Working In-House, Agency & Freelance

An interview with
Liam Jackson


There are numerous options when searching for a job as a graphic designer. This includes, In-house, where you work for a single company, at a design agency, where you can work with multiple brands, and lastly, Freelance, where you have full control of who you work for. But what are the pro’s and cons of each?

To answer this question, Ian’s Joined by Liam Jackson, an award-winning freelance graphic designer based in London, UK, and co-host of the design podcast See-through Design. In this interview we discuss his career in design, the different positions worked at, including in-house, at design agencies, and full time freelance too. It's also crammed fill of tips and advice for anyone looking to gain a position in the design industry.

Liam Jackson Interview Transcription

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