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On Target to Design Badge Logos with Allan Peters

An interview with
Allan Peters


Allen Peters has a fascination for handcrafted antique design. This has inspired him to focus almost entirely on the niche style of vintage badge logo design through his own design studio, Peters Design Company.

Throughout his career Allans done just about every kind of design job. He’s worked for large and small design agencies, he's worked in-house at Target, and as an independant designer. Through these positions he's been able to learn from others to master the business of design, whilst working with brands such as Nike, Amazon and Patagonia.

In this podcast Ian interviews Allen to discover the benefits of working at different types of design positions. We learn what it was like to work within the in-house design team at Target. We also take a deep dive into the process behind designing badge logos, and end discussing Allens love for badge hunting and how you can do the same.

Allan Peters Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: You've worked in an agency, you've worked in house for Target, and now you're working for yourself under Peters Design Company.

Allan Peters: That's right.

Ian Paget: So you've worked in all types of positions. So in house agency and independent. And I know in the design space, especially younger designers, they're never sure which option to take. And since you've been in all of those situations yourself, would you mind sharing what was your personal experience with that and was there any pros and cons of each one of those?

Allan Peters: I remember getting the advice when I was graduating in my portfolio class. One of my professors had suggested that if you're jumping out in the field that in terms of money, to not stay at any place for too long. A year or two years, something like that. Get some experience, get some things in your book and then jump because you'll get a lot bigger bump than if you try and stay there and get your 3% to 5% raises, if that, each year.