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Talking Logo Design With Aaron Draplin

An interview with
Aaron Draplin


Aaron James Draplin is a popular logo designer, and the man behind Draplin Design Co (DDC). His clients have included Nike, Apple, and the previous president of the USA, Barack Obama. In this episode Ian chats with him about Logo Design, and how he’s been able to attract big clients by working on fun projects for his own brand, and for friends.

Aaron Draplin Interview Transcription

Aaron Draplin: I come from a family, my dad was a big doodler. He was always doodling and making notes and drawing and had awesome handwriting and my mom was really creative with her making baskets or just the way the house was decorated. We had the coolest most beautiful Christmas trees, that's something that I'm really thankful for. Because your house can be beautiful, your life can be beautiful. And here is ... there's just this weird puzzle-like quality to making this little mark and the curiosity that I have when you're just sketching and playing.

I mean, it's real easy to say just jump in and start drawing, but one part that gets missed in either that Linda video or some of these SkillShare things is like, you know what, if you called me, Ian, and you said, "Listen, I want to hire you for a logo for Logo Geek." And I'd say, "Okay, well let's talk about this, let's talk about your competitors, where you are, how long you been doing this, what do you want to be." All these things that I'm trained to go and mine out of a client, that gets glazed over. I don't just jump into paper or definitely not just jump into Illustrator.