A new identity for Rocks & Road

Rocks and Road is a company who offer cycling coaching and guiding, founded by Andrew Sudworth, a passionate cyclist who has achieved national championship level in cycling, and is a true expert in his field. Unlike most cycling schools and coaches, Rock and Road offer the unique service of guided bike rides and one-to-one coaching for a combination of both off-road mountain biking, and road biking.

Andrew approached Ian at Logo Geek to design a simple but identifiable mark that would allow him to stand out from the competition, yet also give him the opportunity to franchise the brand as his business grows.

It was important that the logo is designed to attract riders of any level, and not to alienate riders of a lower ability. It was also important that the design appeals equally to both men and women who want to keep fit, who want to get the most out of their cycling equipment and want to achieve their personal goals.

Designing the cycling coaching logo

I explored various routes during the design phase, however, the strongest direction came when working to create a monogram from the letter R that looked like a cyclist riding a mountain bike. To push the idea further, and to add additional meaning to the brand mark I explored various ways to combine a double R (for Rocks and Road) into the symbol. The final results from that development work have been presented here as part of the final logo design.

To compliment the icon I used a bold, modern sans-serif typeface that has both a gender-neutral feel to it, and remains approachable for riders of any level. Whilst being simple and looking professional, the characteristics of the typeface also allows it to feel honest, fun and enjoyable.

Looking at the direct competition the general colour palettes used were greens and blues. For that reason, to stand out from the crowd I’ve introduced orange, which will both be highly visible whilst cycling (for the safety reasons) and has an energetic and fun feel to symbolise the passion and love of cycling introduced by the founder.

The final result is a very stylised and sporty logo design that’s simple, yet fun, modern and energetic logo that will work well for Andrew as a sole trader, as well as a franchise for when the time comes. I feel confident that people will be happy to wear this mark with pride, and will want to be associated with it… attributes every successful brand strives for.

To see more examples of Ian’s logo design work take a look at his logo design portfolio, or use the contact form if you are interested in a logo being designed for you and your business.



Rocks and Road Logo Design