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Copyright & Trademark Law for Logo Design

An interview with
Gordon Firemark


On this weeks episode Ian Paget interviews Gordon Firemark, a practicing attorney from Los Angeles to talk about the legal side of logo design, including the difference between copyright and trademarking, the approach to trademark a logo, what action you can take if your work is copied, how and when to use the right symbols on logos, and the ins and outs of contracts too.

Gordon is the producer and host of Entertainment Law Update, a podcast for artists and professionals in the entertainment industries. His practice also covers intellectual property, cyberspace, new media and business/corporate matters for clients in the entertainment industry.

Gordon Firemark Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: To provide some credibility to the information you provide, can you briefly introduce yourself to the audience?

Gordon Firemark: I am a practicing attorney here in Los Angeles, California. I do entertainment, media, and business law, and within that is the field of intellectual property; copyrights and trademarks specifically. I don’t do patent stuff myself. In these industries, copyrights and trademarks are sort of the main articles in trade, and so we entertainment lawyers know a great deal about this.

In my business, I register trademarks for clients across all industries, but largely in the entertainment and media artistic spaces, and I’ve been doing this for about 27 years, since 1992. Before that, I was in the television production business, and before that the theatre business. Yeah, I love what I do, I love what I do. In fact, I like to teach and I like to help people learn how to do it themselves as well.

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