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Reviewing Brand New Logo & Identities with Armin Vit

An interview with
Armin Vit


Armin Vit has established himself as an influential figure in the logo design space through his fantastic logo and brand identity reviews under the umbrella of Brand New, which now receives over 1.8 million page views each month. But how did he get started, how does he approach his reviews and what lessons has he learned along the way?

In this interview, Ian discovers how Armin got his job with Pentagram in the New York Office, the lessons he learned from Micheal Beirut, how he started the Brand New blog, his approach to critiquing logos, what makes a great logo design and how and why he started the Brand New Conference.

Armin Vit Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Most listeners will know of you from your Brand New blog. And that’s become one of the most influential logo design critique sites out there, so huge congratulations for that.

Armin Vit: Thank you.

Ian Paget: I understand, prior to this, that you worked in the New York Pentagram office under Michael Bierut. Can I ask you about this time… how did you get that opportunity? Because it sounds like a dream job for most people.

Armin Vit: Yeah it’s really a dream job. And the way it came about was, before we had Brand New, we had another blog called Speak Up. And that one, we started it in 2003. And the focus of that blog was just general graphic design discussions. And they were more about, like, the ethics, and the profession, and you know, discussing the AIGA, which is a professional … or, you know, member organisation for professional graphic designers. So, I started this blog out of boredom, at some point in my life.