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The Personality Of Typography

An interview with
Sarah Hyndman


Every typeface has a personality that influences your interpretation of the words you are reading. In this weeks podcast Ian chats about this with Sarah Hyndman, the creator of TypeTasting, a range of fun events and experiences around type, which also doubles up as a research platform so to truly understand how every day people perceive type.

In this episode we discuss Type Tasting events, how to select the perfect typeface for a logo, and Sarah’s fantastic books for designers, including ‘Why Fonts Matter’ and 'How to Draw Type and Influence People'

Sarah Hyndman Interview Transcription

Sarah Hyndman: I fell in love with type, with lettering, pretty much when I was a child looking at lettering on things like sweet packets in sweet shops. I always loved the way, compared to the books I was reading at school, which were all very serious and informative, once you went to the sweet shop on the way home from school, suddenly all of these words were kind of coming to life. And at the time, I didn't realise that I was falling in love with type, I just thought I really liked sweet shop packaging. But looking back on it, that's pretty much where the whole, I guess the whole love affair kind of began, and sort of ticked on.

If you look at my school books, I would draw meticulous logos of my favourite bands, so it kind of fits a theme that kept going. And then I became a graphic designer, and after being a designer for a while, I went and studied typographics at the London College of Communication, and then off the back of that, started teaching experimental typography. And that's where I really fell in love with how experimental and how expressive type can be.

And I think that carried on into my practice. And then four and a half years ago, I decided to take a year out, I think a lot of designers, once you've been doing it for a while, you need to just step away, and find a way to reignite the passion. To fall back in love with what you've started doing. And sometimes you can lose that a little bit in the sort of everyday mechanics of running a business.