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Finding Your Passion & Turning It Into A Business

An interview with
Dina Rodriguez


After her studies, Dina Rodriguez landed an amazing internship at Disney which launched her career as a graphic designer. After this she bounced from agency to startup, never really feeling accomplished or happy despite doing great design work…

This is when Dina started to draw again, which lead her to discover her passion, hand lettering. This lead Dina on a path where she created her own successful graphic design business and personal brand based around her new found passion of hand lettering – thus LetterShoppe was born!

In this episode of the Logo Geek Podcast, Ian Paget chats with Dina to find out how she found her passion, and how she turned that into a business, diving in to find out how she started her business and the steps she’s taken to make a massive success of it. This is an inspiring story worth listening to, with a lot of fantastic advice and insights from a professional designer, and a successful business owner.

Dina Rodriguez Interview Transcription

Dina Rodriguez: Well, I think like most people, when you have the nine to five, especially when you have some sort of artistic passion, and everyone tells you, "Oh, you can't make a living as an artist." So you do the second best thing, which is get a graphic design degree. Then you succumb to, "Oh, this is okay. I'm just going to compromise my values. Okay, next year. Oh, I don't need to find a new job. I'm fine here. I'm making good money."

You just keep on compromising. Then I think I just had a wake-up call when I was hearing about this, a few of my friends back in Orlando that were making real names for themselves. They went to college with me. When you are that close with someone for... because I went to Full Sail University. So it was a class of 15 kids, same kids every single semester. We would be in class together for eight hours a day, six days a week. You get to know these people very well.

You get kind of jealous, right? You feel the fear. You're like, "Why are they doing better than me?" Then I realised it's because they were following their passion, and I somehow got lost along the way.

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