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Break Away from Your Limitations

An interview with
Jozelle Tech


Jozelle Tech is the founder of The Rolling Media, an agency based in the Philippines who focus on Personal Branding, specifically for coaches and creators.

Jozelle doesn’t let anything get in her way. Despite negative comments about her work growing up she carried on anyway, progressing with a career in design, which eventually lead to her building a team and founding her own agency. And despite having a disability, being a wheelchair user, she lives life on her own terms and doesn’t it take over her life. She entrances who she is, breaking away from any limitations.

In this interview we’ll uncover her inspiring story, discover how she exchanged services for ongoing mentorship with an expert brand strategist, and dive into her approach for personal branding.

Jozelle Tech Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Something I like to do with the podcast is create content that can help people that may be just starting out or thinking about potentially growing an agency. And that's something that you are in the process of doing. How did you initially start out? How did you get into graphic design? How did that eventually lead to you starting an agency of your own?

Jozelle Tech: Well, let me quickly tell you a story. Since I was five years old, I've always liked drawing even though my old neighbour friend always told me that I’m not good in terms of drawing. She even told me… I wanted to take up fine arts in college, but she was laughing at me like, hey, you can't even draw a human stick figure.

Ian Paget: That’s so rude for that person to do that. But good for you for carrying on.

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