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How Can a Logo Cost $250,000?

An interview with
Philip VanDusen


Designers know that creating the perfect logo can be a time consuming process. But even when you know what’s involved, for most it’s hard to comprehend how some logos can be priced in the millions. How can a logo cost this much?

To discover the answer, on this weeks episode Ian interviews Philip VanDusen who’s worked with a host of the Fortune 100 companies, with logos in excess of $250,000. We learn what’s involved with projects of this scale, how to accurately price a logo project, user research, testing and more.

Philip VanDusen, is a creative entrepreneur and owner of Verhaal Brand Design, a branding agency based in New Jersey, USA. In his career Philip has lead creative teams, serving as VP of Design for PepsiCo and Old Navy and Executive Creative Director at the iconic branding firm Landor Associates.

Philip VanDusen Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I went through one of your interviews and I understand you was involved in a project for a logo design that cost $250,000. I think you’re one of the first guests that I’ve spoken to that’s been involved in projects of that scale. It’s an enormous amount of money.

Philip VanDusen: It is.

Ian Paget: How do agencies approach pricing a job like that, and what are they doing to calculate such a substantial figure?