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Branding and the Visual Response

An interview with
Peter Sher


On this weeks podcast Ian is joined by Péter Sher to discuss his new book, Branding and the Visual Response, a book for people who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the processes of branding and visual identity design.

Péter runs a graphic design studio called Zwoelf Digital, who have worked for prestigious clients including Waberer’s, Uniqa or OTP, amongst many others. He's also the founder of Brand Guide, a blog and community on branding and visual identity design.

Peter Sher Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: So Peter, you've written the book, Branding and the Visual Response and you kindly sent me a copy, which is fantastic. So I hope today in this conversation, we can talk through some of the topics of that book. But I think before we jump into that, do you want to do a bit of an introduction for yourself and maybe provide a little bit of an overview of the book and then we can go from there?

Peter Sher: Of course, yeah. Thank you for having me here on your show. Really appreciate it.

Ian Paget: You're very welcome. I'm thankful for you agreeing to do this.

Peter Sher: Okay. So I'm Peter Sher, I'm a brand strategist and I'm running studio called Zwoelf, Budapest-based here in Hungary. Me and my team of seven designers, we are actually focusing on branding for start-ups and small and medium companies. And I started this business like 20 years before, and I collected a lot of experiences and I also been lecturing on different Hungarian universities as well. So I had quite large expertise in this field. And I've thought if I would like to... No, I have to jump back. And I stopped doing lecturing for these different universities, and I started to build my own brand on education. And this is the Brandguide. And it was a logical step if I want to build a brand on branding, that I could write a book about on that topic. So, this is the initial part of the book.