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Designing the Joker Logo

An interview with
Chad Danieley


If you're into movies you may have seen DC's Joker, a 2019 American psychological thriller film directed and produced by Todd Phillips.

That film has a bold, striking typography based logo designed by this weeks guest, Chad Danieley, who used a woodblock letterpress to give the logo its distinctive, gritty appearance.

Ian interviews Chad to discover how he was lucky enough to be involved in the design of the Joker logo, the process behind its design, and his passion and love for letterpress and how you can get into it too.

Chad Danieley Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: So I'm really keen to talk about the Joker logo, because that's probably the one piece of your work that I really know. But, something I'm keen to do with this podcast is, basically find out how different people make a living creating logos. And it seems like you have quite a different story to a lot of people. I understand, at the time of creating the Joker logo that you was working at an agency called Elastic, is that right? Elastic?

Chad Danieley: Correct. Yes, freelancing. Yeah.

Ian Paget: So can we talk about everything that happened prior to that? So like how you got into graphic design at the start?

Chad Danieley: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It almost kind of is how I got to where I am, because when I was like around 16, I was into really just like metal music and extreme sound stuff, you know? And I would just found myself hanging out at the local fanzine, like free music magazine that covered music because I wanted free CDs and stuff. If you did reviews, you could get the free stuff.