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Ensure Colour Consistency in Branding

An interview with
Nick Bazarian


When designing a logo, choosing the perfect colour palette can be a fun creative challenge. But once the logo is in use as part of a companies brand identity, ideally the colours you've selected look as consistent as possible in all instances, from digital devices through to printed collateral.

But how can you be sure the colours you see on your monitor are accurate? How can you ensure they will print the same? What can you do to ensure colour consistency as much as possible across a brand identity?

To answer these questions, and to discover how Pantone can help, Ian Paget interviews Nick Bazarian, the Senior Product Manager at Pantone.

Nick Bazarian Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I've been aware of Pantone for years since I was first a graphic designer and I would have thought that most people listening would be aware of what Pantone is, But so that we provide some kind of context for listeners, would you mind briefly explaining what Pantone's all about?

Nicholas Bazarian: Sure. That's probably the most important question is what is this colour system? Pantone, at the highest level it's really a language of colour and it's a colour standard.

The key with Pantone colours is that they represent a selection of achievable ... Which means they're really physically reproducible colours for whatever material or substrate they are produced with or produce on. And so when we say Pantone, a lot of people think of one particular colour system. The Pantone matching system, which is most well known because it's used in graphic design.

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