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An introduction to NFTs

An interview with
Tony Pearce


Many of us are living more and more of our life digitally, thorough websites, apps and games. In many situations, particularly through games, we might buy an item to use. But until now, you never really own any of the items you buy.

With the introduction of Bitcoin came the blockchain. An un-hackable database, that's so secure, it will change the financial landscape forever. With the birth of the blockchain came NFTs, Non Fungible Tokens, which enables proof of ownership of digital assets.

It's inevitable that NFTs will become commonplace, so it's essential as a designer - a creator of digital assets - that you understand the technology, as it's very likely that in your career you will design something that will become an NFT.

To discuss NFTs, Ian interviews Tony Pearce of Reality Gaming Group, who has been involved in gaming, tech and mobile for over 25 years. We discuss what an NFT is, what the blockchain is, the truth behind the environmental impact, as well as several games developed by the team including Reality Clash, Doctor Who Worlds Apart and a new Thunderbirds project.

Tony Pearce Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: So, Tony, something I've always really admired about you is how you talk about NFT so comfortably. This podcast is primarily for logo designers and most of the guests I do have come on here are from the graphic design space. But, I know you through an NFT project, something that I'm really interested in, which is a Doctor Who project. And, I thought I'd get you on and we can talk about NFTs, which I haven't discussed on the podcast so far. I think probably as an initial question, since the audience might not be aware what an NFT is, would you mind answering the question? What is an NFT? We'll start there. We'll start right from the beginning.

Tony Pearce: It stands for non-fungible token. Let me tell you how I got into this and how I got to know NFTs. I'm going to come at this from the games industry. My background is video games. I go back 25 years into Saga, Nintendo, PlayStation One, and then mobile gaming back when it was black and white handsets. And then, into Facebook gaming. And then, in 2017 we were creating an augmented reality combat game and we called it Reality Clash. That game actually is live now on both Google and Apple app stores. Just generally, it's a super fun AR game where you can go outside. It's like Pokemon Go meets Call of Duty. You go outside, you meet your friends and you defend certain areas.

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