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Succeeding as a Logo Designer in India

An interview with
Blesson Varghese


Does the location you live determine how successful you're likely to be as a logo designer? In some parts of the world, such as India, it can be more difficult. It's culturally expected for you to become a doctor, and design education in the country is limited making it harder to branch into design as a career.

Things are thankfully changing with introduction of the internet. Knowledge has become freely and easily accessible through YouTube and Podcasts, such as how to use design tools, design processes, advice for finding clients, marketing and more. Access to this information has opened doors that were not previously available.

On this weeks podcast Ian interviews Blesson Varghese, an Indian based designer that has successfully built his own personal brand to attract high paying clients, allowing him to build a successful career as a graphic designer despite the culture he has grown up in. It's an inspiring story that I hope will encourage others to pursue their dreams and ambitions, no matter their location in the world.

Blesson Varghese Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I think we need to go right back to the beginning. So can you share with us how you started out in your graphic design career?

Blesson Varghese: Yeah, for sure. First of all, thank you very much for having me on the show. It's an honour, because I just want to point this out that, when I started out freelancing, and when I started out design career, I used to listen to Logo Geek podcasts each and every episode and learn things and extract things from them. Because I'm a self-taught designer, more than that, I'm from a country that doesn't have proper design education or quality design education. So I used podcasts and YouTube videos was to learn from, and Logo Geek podcast was one of them, because, obviously, I was focusing on logo design niche. So right now sharing my story here is such an honour for me. So I really, really appreciate and thank Ian for having me on here. It's an honour for me.