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How to Charge More for Logo Design

An interview with
Chris Do


If you’re a logo designer like me you’ve probably never been quite sure how much you should be charging for logo design?… But have you ever wondered how some designers are able to charge £1000, and some others £100,000? Why is it that they can do that and you can’t? In this podcast with Chris Do we discuss this very topic so you can start to charge more for your logo design services.

Chris Do is the founder and CEO of the award winning brand strategy design consultancy Blind. He’s also the founder of The Futur, a platform intended to disrupt design education.

Chris Do Interview Transcription

Chris Do: The thing is a lot of people are unsure of themselves. They're not confident in what they can do. And that's the sad part because I think a lot of creative type suffer from this low self-esteem or imposter syndrome.

We look at the things that we do that give us joy that are easy for us to do as something that we feel guilty about when we charge other people money. No other profession does this, right? Somebody that comes in to repair your house or any other kind of trade, they don't sit there and think, "Well, I love doing this. What can you afford?" And that's not what it's about.

What designers tend to do, especially when it comes to logo design, is they look at what the competition looks like. The most widely publicly available competition comes from sources like Fiverr, Upwork or whatever that's called. I forget all these sites, but they're brokerages for creative services.

And, of course, the brokerages don't really care about the end user, the client and the creative person. They just care to make the money in between. So, it really doesn't matter if the client ultimately gets a good product or not. It doesn't matter if the creative people have a sustainable way of making a living.