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Attracting Design Clients Through Dribbble

An interview with
Lisa Jacobs


Dribbble has become one of the largest platforms for designers to share their work online. But how do you make the most of the platform to get clients?

In this podcast Ian’s joined by Lisa Jacobs, a young designer from the Netherlands, who shares how she’s attracted clients through Dribble, which has allowed her to start her own design agency. We’ll also discover how she started out as a designer, how she founded her own freelance design business, and we dive into her logo design process, discuss the 1 logo approach, networking, niching down and more.

Lisa Jacobs Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I'm really curious to learn a little bit about your background, because you're a relatively young designer. If I'm right, and correct if I'm wrong, you're 25?

Lisa Jacobs: Yes.

Ian Paget: So, you haven't been doing this that long, and you do seem to be doing really well based on what I've seen, so I think sharing some of your story will hopefully inspire some of the listeners. I understand that you did a bachelor's degree in communications and multimedia design where you first got introduced to branding. What did you do immediately after that?

Lisa Jacobs: I think I graduated about three years ago, and at the time I had a student job at a startup accelerator, which is by the way a really great way to build out a ton of network, like a huge network, so I did that for a while, but I started being active around that time on Instagram, and I realised that looking at other people what I really needed was some agency experience because I felt like because my bachelor's degree didn't really go as in depth into branding and graphic design as I thought it would I wanted to have some more experience in an agency, so that's when I applied for an agency job, and I worked that for about a year.