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Becoming a Premier League Designer

An interview with
Mark Hirons


With a love of football, Mark Hirons dreamed to one day work as a graphic designer for an international football club. This year, at the age of only 22, his dream has come true, becoming an in-house designer for a Premier League football club.

But how did Mark make this happen? On this weeks podcast Ian interviews Mark to discuss the events that lead up to this moment, with actionable advice for anyone also wanting to make their dreams come true.

Mark is also host of the Creative Waffle Podcast, where he’s interviewed some of the biggest names in the design industry, including Draplin, Sagmeister and Paula Scher.

Mark Hirons Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: As you know we’re both goal setters and I know one of your big goals has always been to work for a major sports club. And I think it’s super amazing Mark that you’ve actually reached that goal now. So, as an opening question for the audience, how did you go about working out what that goal was originally?

Mark Hirons: Yeah, that’s a big question, right? It’s every young designers plan, you don’t really know what to do when you’re starting out. I think it comes back to what I love, and what I really want to do, not just design and my career in design, but what I want to be around all the time as well is football. If you can find something that you really love and you want to merge it with your career, that’s the ultimate goal because then you don’t really find that the working day is too stressful. Well, it can be, but you don’t find it as hard as doing a job you don’t like.

And that’s always been my goal to find something that I love doing, and always wanted to do and I’ve always had that in the back of my mind since starting out. Sports design and graphic design in sports has been natural, I’ve always played football. Just finding something that I love to do and mixing my passions with design and sports.

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