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Sports Branding & Successful Content Creation

An interview with
Michael Raisch


Having worked on the design of sports logos and brands for over 15 years, Michael Raisch, a graphic designer at Fanbrandz has developed a deep understanding of designing identities for sports clubs.

In this episode we dive into the differences you need to consider when working on the design of sports logos and brand identities, and some of the stories behind where the ideas were formed. Michael is also a very talented content creator, so we also discuss how he’s able to create engaging and relevant content which has attracted attention from big publications including The Guardian, HOW Design, CNN and People Magazine.

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Michael Raisch Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Can you talk through your design process when working on a sports brand? And if there’s anything that was particularly different from a normal brand, it’d be good to put some emphasis on that, if that’s possible.

Michael Raisch: Well we’ve had some speaking engagements in the last few years, and there’s always this idea of, you can talk about other brands, like people having brand loyalty, but something that, in our wheelhouse, it really supersedes that, is, you just have the devotion of an entire fan base. You’re talking about heritage. You’re talking about people’s things of, “This is a father, like son,” like, “I passed this down to my kids,” and not just son, but families being fans, loyal supporters of these franchises. So you have so much that’s emotionally going into it, so it’s a very sacred space, certainly with some of the team identities and logos I’ve worked on.