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Founding the Studio Temporary

An interview with
Scott Fuller


This week Ian is joined by designer and illustrator Scott Fuller, founder of The Studio Temporary, in Atlanta, Georgia.

In this interview, we go right back to how Scott first got into design, how he managed to get his first first design job while working in an apple store and how he discovered his first studio space where the Studio Temporary was born. We also discuss how he's successfully used cold calling to find clients, and how posting on social media has attracted some big projects!

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Scott Fuller Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I want to unravel your story. I want to go right back to the beginning. So, I think as an opening question, I read an interview and I understand that you studied mechanical engineering. You didn't study graphic design. So, can you talk through how you first got into graphic design?

Scott Fuller: So actually, not true. It's true but not true. So, when I was in high school, I did trigonometry and physics and calculus and everything like that. I graduated from high school when I was 16 and off to college. I had a scholarship for mechanical engineering. My dad's machinist, had been for most of his life.

And I was ready to go. But my last year, I took an art class in high school. I'd never taken one before. I've been drawing and doing stuff like that ever since I was a little kid. And it's something that I really thoroughly enjoyed. But I didn't know I could really make a career out of it. I went to school supposedly to spend ... just to check out the school and everything, stay on campus for a couple of days.

I spent about five minutes in the Engineering Department. And I snuck away from my tour group and went straight to the Art Department. And there, I found, "Oh, shoot, this is something that I can do and make a living and do this." But the art that I found was studio art, fine art. So pen and pencil, oil painting, different things like that. So that's what I actually changed my major to. That's what I started out doing is fine art.