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Writing a Logo Book

An interview with
James Martin


One of your most important assets as a designer is your reputation, so as you build up your body of work, and become better known as an expert logo designer you will attract more and more clients, and so command a higher fee too. There’s lots of ways to establish reputation, but a very powerful tool at your disposal is being an author on your topic of expertise, in this case, Logo Design.

One designer that’s very recently finished writing a logo design book is James Martin, best known as Made by James. In this episode, we’ll learn how he worked with a publisher to release his first book, which I hope will inspire you to create a book of your very own.

Made by James Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Right, James, you've been on the podcast once before. But since we last spoke, which I think was a couple of years ago now on the podcast itself, since then, you've released a book and something I'm excited about. I know that a lot of graphic designers want to do this type of thing too, so I thought I'd get you on, talk about the book, help me get a little bit of self-emotion. But I thought we could dive into some of the how to stuff.

James Martin: Why the bloody hell not? It sounds awesome. Yeah, books are fun. I didn't even read a book till I was about late 20s, 30s, and now I read them all the time. It's a bit crazy that I've written, but it's all good. This is all good.

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