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Designing a Perfectly Executed Logo

An interview with
Tamari Chabukiani


The difference between a good logo, and a remarkable logo design is the way it has been executed. A great idea is nothing without the skill and craftsmanship to develop the design into an effective, versatile solution.

To discover the process needed to create a perfectly executed logo Ian interviews Georgia based logo designer, Tamari Chabukiani, the founder of her own design studio Pragmatika Design.

In this interview we also discover how Tamari discovered a passion for logo design, how she founded her studio, how she hires other designers, how she finds clients, and we also discuss her training courses with SkillShare and Domestika.

Tamari Chabukiani Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I'm keen to go into your background a little bit. So I think as an opening question for this interview, how did you first get into logo design?

Tamari Chabukiani: Well, becoming a graphic designer was not a linear process for me. I actually had to change two majors to realise that I wanted to be a graphic designer, but once I knew, I just knew. So let me start from the very beginning, it was the late 2000s when I watched a movie which is called A Scanner Darkly, and it was an adaptation of one of my favourite authors' books at the time. And in that movie, everything was filmed digitally first and then it was animated from the beginning to the end. And the name of that animation technique is rotoscope. So when I finished watching the movie, I went on YouTube right away to find a tutorial of the illustration technique that would resemble rotoscoping.