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An interview with George Bokhua

An interview with
George Bokhua


In this episode Ian speaks to George Bokhua, a truly talented graphic designer, who’s worked with companies including Disney, New Balance, NFL and Wired Magazine. Having followed his work for years, Ian describes George as one of the best practicing logo designers in the world today, so this interview dives into his life as a designer, his logo design process, idea generation, using grid systems, using social media, pricing a logo and so much more. It’s an insightful interview with a real master of logo design.

George Bokhua Interview Transcription

Ian Paget:  Could you talk through your journey to becoming a logo designer?

George Bokhua: Yes, I definitely can. Basically, I was dirt broke in 2006. And I was playing poker online. I was not doing too good. I ended up having no money, so I had to find a job. I lived in Ukraine-Kiev, Ukraine back then. So I started searching for work opportunities. And this one guy in Kiev, he asked me to come to his studio. His name was Ian Tishenko. He was an art director of this company. When I entered, I introduced myself. We talked a little bit. He sort of had this sympathy towards me since I was from country Georgia. He was Ukrainian, so we had some sort of common themes that we shared politically as well as culture, at least. He said, I’ll teach you some things, and then he accepted me in his studio. That’s where I started learning logo design, it was in 2007.