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Building an Independent Creative Studio

An interview with
Christopher Doyle


On this weeks episode, Ian is joined by Christopher Doyle, founder of the independent creative studio, Christopher Doyle & Co. based in Sydney.

In this interview we discuss how Chris started his career by getting a job at Saachi & Sacchi despite a bad interview. The lessons he learned at the agency. The importance of working with language within his design work. Design books that have been important to him. How he started his own independent creative agency, how they come up with great ideas, creating culture in an agency, and the use of humour in website copy.

Christopher Doyle Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I'd like to go back to the beginning. Here today you got your own agency, you got a team and everything and you are super successful. But I read that so you studied graphic design and you accidentally, somehow, got an interview at Saatchi and Saatchi, which is a super famous agency. But I understand it didn't go particularly well, but you were lucky enough to get an invitation back about six months later to try again. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Because I know people straight out of university that seems like a massive opportunity. You say that it didn't go well, but you still got invited back in. Can you share a little bit about what happened at that time?

Chris Doyle: Yeah, it was like I think a lot of this stuff is luck and association sometimes and just where you happen to be and all that stuff. I think this is a great example of that is I, in my year at university, a girl had a contact there and she had worked on the group show for the university. In a way, she had samples of everybody's work in this project within her folio. So she was going around and showing interviews and one of those was at Saatchi in Sydney. She, without meaning to, revealed a whole bunch of other students' work to the people that ran the studio at the same time as showing her own. Which is really just luck on my part.