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Building a Life in Identity Design with Ben Loiz

An interview with
Ben Loiz


In this interview Ian speaks with Identity designer Ben Loiz to learn from his 18 years experience.

We speak about his early life that lead him to start his own studio, his hands-on logo design process, the files he sends, the importance of work life balance (with tips), how he networks to attract big named clients such as Nike and CocaCola, and how he’s able to use photography to present and elevate the quality of his identity design work.

Ben Loiz Interview Transcription

Ben Loiz: Growing up, I was always interested in drawing and painting and these things. Even in my teens was doing murals and things like that on the East Coast. And when it came time to go to school, I thought the best option for me, my interest would be art school. My formal training is fine art: drawing, painting, sculpture. And at the time, although I had maybe unknowingly done some design for friends, I didn’t know what design was really. So, it was in school where I met some working designers, really just great, talented designers in Atlanta, Georgia, and really just worked under them or asked questions, read their books, got some help.

A number of these designers, which I had maybe you could say unofficial apprenticeships with, began to send me some work or projects that they didn’t have time to do, and I began to work in that way. And a number of the designers that I was with at the time, or working with or friends with, had their own businesses. So, it seemed like something that could be done. Anyways, here and there I’d be taking jobs, working on maybe a flier for someone or a logo for someone or different kinds of projects, and then I just decided at some point to begin my own company, to start my own studio.