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Creating a Unique Brand Story

An interview with
Gregory V. Diehl


We all love to hear, read or watch a good story. But have you considered that a brand can have a story too?

If you're a business owner, creating a story might be deemed as a low priority task. But did you know that a well-crafted brand story will allow a business to display its uniqueness, increase sales, help founders build more a fulfilling business, and attract and retain good staff too?

To learn more about the importance of story when building a business Ian Paget interviews Gregory V. Diehl, author of 'Brand Identity Breakthrough', a book created to help business owners craft their company's unique story to make their products irresistible. In this interview, we'll break down how to create and tell an effective brand story.

Gregory V. Diehl Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Business owners, they very often focus on things like products and sales, things that can seem tangible and actionable, and measurable. But you have your book, Brand Identity Breakthrough, you talk about how a unique story can make products irresistible. And I know, if you was working within a company, a business owner might not see story as an important thing. It's the type of thing that they could potentially just brush off as not anything of any significance.

So, could you share why storytelling should really matter to business owners?

Gregory V. Diehl: Yeah. Well, of course, it's only natural that business owners would want to focus on the aspects of their business that they're most intimately familiar with, which often means the numbers behind the business. So, the operations of the business. But that stuff is really very internally-focused. And storytelling in one form or another is the doorway between the world outside your business and the business itself.

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