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Designing More Than The Logo

An interview with
Ben Loiz


When designing a logo, if you’re only ever working on the logo your client doesn’t always know how to use and apply the logo, which sadly means your beautiful logo design can often look plonked and out of place when applied. So are we really solving the clients problem when only working on the logo design?

If you want to truly serve your client, and support them in the application of the logo and identity you have designed, it’s ideal to offer more than just a logo. But how do you convince your clients for you to work on a full brand identity? How do you source and work with other designers and suppliers to expand your service offering? In this episode, Ian interviews Ben Loiz, a brand identity designer based in Los Angeles, to answer these questions to help you provide your clients with more than just a logo.

Ben Loiz Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Ben, you've been on the podcast before. And previously we went through so many topics and that was a couple of years ago now. And I know we've had private conversations back and forth between us and I think a really good topic that I'd love to go into with you, and I think it's great that we can record this publicly so that other people will get something out of this, is to go into how you work with clients to offer more than just a logo. So I put together a couple of questions so that we've got some structure to this. So I think as a starting question, why do you feel that graphic designers should offer clients more than just the logo?

Ben Loiz: Right. Well, first Ian, I just want to say thank you for having me again. Yeah. I realise it's been, I think, about four years since our last time.

Ian Paget: Yeah. It's been a while.

Ben Loiz: Right, right. So I think we'll have a lot to talk about. I'm really excited to both catch up and to talk about this topic. So your question is, why should designers offer more than just the logo? Well, clients have a lot on their plate and many times they can only see the thing in front of them, and sometimes the thing in front of is a logo. Sometimes they only see the need for a logo. The question is, will the logo solve the problem that they have, or even once they have a logo, a great logo, how will it be used and will it be used in a way that will help them? So it's helpful to move from the angle of just taking a request, or receiving a request at face value, to discovering what their need is and how you can best serve them.