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How a New Mum Built a Design Agency

An interview with
Rebecca Heinemann


Following a successful design career and the birth of her son, Rebecca Heinemann built her own design agency CraftWell so that she could have a better work/life balance. In this episode Ian interviews Rebecca to discuss her background, the reason why she built her own business, the steps she took to get it up and running and the challenges and fears faced along the way. We also discuss why we both feel it’s important to work within agencies before considering building your own business.

Rebecca Heinemann Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I’d like to start the conversation around the creation of your agency CraftWell, but before we get into that, to give us some kind of background context, would you be able to talk through what you was doing prior to starting your agency?

Rebecca Heinemann: Sure, sure. I’d love to talk about that. I’ve had a really fun career in design for many years. You know, I will say after college I took off a little bit of time to dabble in different things. And then finally around 27, I got back into design, and I started at a very interesting music startup in New York City, and was a designer for the website. And that’s how my career started.

I was doing banners, online banners at the time. So that was one of my first jobs. And then skipping far ahead, I finally started working at … well, I worked at HBO for a little bit. I worked at Universal Music for a bit, and then landed at an ad agency, which was one of the best career moves I ever chose. And worked there for about seven years and that was in New York City, and then from New York we decided to come out to LA after being in New York for about 12 years, we really needed a change.