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Recipe for a Behance Feature

An interview with
Kwaku Amprako


When first looking at the portfolio and online presence of Kwaku Amprako, Ian assumed that he had been doing this for many years. He has a great website, a solid portfolio, an established social presence... and most significantly, he's been featured on Bechance multiple times. To Ian's surprise, he'd been running his business for only 6 months!!

In this episode, Ian interviews Kwaku to find out how he started out as a designer, how he got into logo design, how he attracted clients, and the recipe he's used to consistently get projects featured on Behance. We also discuss how Kwaku was able to get the opportunity to develop a logo design training course for the website inspiration platform, Awwwards.

This episode is sponsored by The Perfect Match, a game where designers submit mood boards created using Adobe Stock assets. If your skilful project is chosen, you will be featured on Adobe's monthly live streaming game show with other talented designers, art directors, and creatives, where the winner goes home with $750!

Kwaku Amprako Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Something I've been doing with the podcast now, I've got a slight change of focus for the podcast and community. So with the interviews, I want to use it as an opportunity to find out how other people have made a living designing logos. And you're quite early on in your career; very, very early on in your career. I think in terms of the podcast, over a hundred episodes, you are probably the earliest in your career, and I think that gives us a unique opportunity because everything is really fresh in your mind.

You're clearly doing something right, because you seem to have established yourself very quickly, and I think in this interview, we can learn a lot from that, even though you are very early on in your career. So, I know that there's going to be other people that will be able to get a lot from this who also want to make a living designing logos.

So how I'm going to start this is by going back to pre-university... You went to university, didn't you?

Kwaku Amprako: Yeah, correct. Yeah.

Ian Paget: Yeah? Cool. So the time prior to getting to university, did you know that you wanted to do graphic design?