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Designing Logos for Nintendo with Jim Wornell

An interview with
Jim Wornell


Jim Wornell is a graphic designer who worked at Nintendo from 1990-2006. He designed packaging, manuals and artwork for several games... but most importantly he designed the logos for games including Metroid Prime, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing and was the Associate Producer on one of the greatest games ever made... Zelda: Ocarina Of Time!

In the interview we learn how he started his career at Nintendo, how he was promoted to graphic designer, behind the scenes on logo and packaging projects, and what he's doing today.

Jim Wornell Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Jim, I actually came across you because someone in the Logo Geek community shared a video where you was interviewed. And I thought this is pretty cool. You worked for Nintendo for around 16 years. So this was from 1990 to 2006. So it was quite a while back now. But you worked on a number of logo designs for games from when I was a kid really, a lot of things that really takes me back to my childhood, reading through the Nintendo magazine, seeing things like Metroid Prime, and Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Ocarina of Time, and loads of games that were important to my childhood.

And I think probably a lot of people listening hopefully have that same nostalgic feeling to some of this stuff. So I thought it'd be really cool to invite you on to chat about this. But I think probably as an opening question, how did you actually end up working for Nintendo? I think we should go right back to the beginning and talk through this story.

Jim Wornell: Well, the beginning? Let's see. Well, it was September 18th, 1989. That was my first day at Nintendo. And it started off being a college job where I was answering consumer service calls. I remember I was hanging out at my college dorm and a buddy of mine said he was going down to a place called Seekers, which is a temp agency, and said he was going to apply for a job there. And I believe it was for answering calls.